CASE STUDY: Prudential Overall Supply

A Strong Company Needs a Strong Brand


With multiple online landscapes with an aging design, Prudential needed to unite it’s strategy and present a strong front.


Bring all the business arms under one roof by building out a streamlined interface, complex enough to handle anything.


Assess Elements

POS had  websites for each arm of the business. From to, we assessed special programming functionality and marketing messaging for each brand.

Fresh Design

Fresh, clean, streamlined. The new look features their services well, leading with their popular product and service highlights.

New Integrated Technology

Prudential’s new site includes an online catalog, integrated Google Map location search, press release archive, and more.

Responsive Upgrade

The new site is responsive and agile, accurately resizing for optimal viewing, whether tablet, mobile, or desktop.


  • The EOS team collected 3 separate sites into one cohesive brand experience.
  • Prudential’s new site features a dynamic location finder integrated with Google maps, online product catalog, responsive framework, testimonial section, and video section.


Mobile Friendly Conversion

  • Website Automatically Resizes
  • Optimal Viewing Display for Any Device
  • Easy to read on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.



Online Catalog

Custom Locations Map and Pages

  • Each branded pin pulls exact GPS location for nationwide facilities.
  • Dedicated details page for each location, including industry ratings, maps, locations, social media links, and reviews.
  • Custom zip code search displays coverage area.
  • Easy to read on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Filterable Video Gallery

  • Smooth video transition displays all videos or videos within a specific category.

Testimonial Section

  • Rotating content in every sidebar.
  • Dedicated testimonial section and capture forms.


Press Releases

Online Newsletter Access and Archive



Locations Map and Detail

Online Catalog


Branding Overhaul

A strong company needs a strong brand, that accurately reflects marketing messaging and company identity.

Vision to Reality

We referenced company vision, history and market segment studies to build out a comprehensive brand style guide.

Color and Imagery

We consolidated color schemes and imagery styling, giving the brand a clean look, while strengthening the overall brand perception.

Marketing Pieces Redesigned

Identity collateral, catalogs, brochures, and large format lobby maps all received a facelift in line with our detailed style guide.


Logo Refresh & Style Guide

  • Strengthen the Prudential brand with increased consistency in appearance and tone.
  • Update the iconic logo to be more relevant and engaging.


  • Provide style consistency across print and web media.
  • Ensure branding matches company vision and voice.
  • Generate a comprehensive guide for the replication of any media.

Branding Guide


Brand strengthened, design refreshed, website functionality enhanced.

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