Great Product - Increased Performance

PROBLEM had great traffic and solid SEO. What it didn’t have was a cohesive conversion strategy and solid design.


Build a comprehensive brand strategy that incorporates conversion optimization.

Know Your Traffic

We first got to know their consumer. Why are they looking for their product? What needs do they have? Are they rushed? Researchers? Are they ready to buy? What is their demographic and what inspires them to take action?

Brand Personality

We strengthened’s brand perception based on their target audience. Largely women and health aficionados, the brand needed to look clean, strong and results driven.

Technology Serves US

The best framework to communicate a message is one that get’s out of the way.’s user interface should be clean and easy to use, leading their customers through a very specific path of choices.

Test and Test Again

It’s important to regularly measure your traffic and their behaviors. Online strategy isn’t set in stone, it should continually evolve in response to your customer’s behaviors and needs.

Custom Homepage

The homepage was designed to answer the customer’s top questions as well as provide access to top products and FAQs. The backend system allows easy updates and changes to the site content to accommodate changes to customer behaviors and analytics.

Responsive Framework was developed to accommodate top viewing devices across all mediums – from desktop to mobile, the site can be accessed from any device and displayed optimally at any viewing size.


Within 24 hours, sales conversions more than doubled!

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